Insights Discovery - Edinburgh, Scotland and the rest of the UK

As a licensed Insights Discovery Practitioner and Distributor based in Edinburgh, we are proud to provide fun and engaging Insights Discovery workshops and sessions across Scotland and the rest of the UK, both in-person and virtually, depending on the client’s need.

What is Insights Discovery?

Insights discovery is a tool that helps individuals and teams better understand themselves and others. It's based on the idea that everyone has a unique combination of preferences, strengths, and weaknesses that influence how they behave and interact with others.

To get started with insights discovery, individuals complete an evaluator questionnaire that assesses their preferences across four different colour energies: Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, and Cool Blue. Each colour energy represents different personality traits and communication styles.

Once an individual completes the questionnaire, they receive a personalised report that describes their unique blend of colour energies and provides insights into their communication style, strengths, weaknesses, and potential blind spots. This report can be used to help individuals better understand themselves and how they can work effectively with others.

Insights Discovery can also be used to improve team dynamics by helping team members understand each other's preferences and communication styles. By recognising and respecting the different strengths and weaknesses of team members, teams can work together more effectively and achieve better results.

Insights Discovery is a highly powerful tool for personal and professional development that can help individuals and teams improve their communication, collaboration, and performance.