To ensure our tailored services meet your needs, we offer this in a way that enables business owners to select an appropriate level of cover for their own requirements and budget.  Whether you have a small HR team in place or manage everything yourself, we can help.  

HR Staple offers monthly retained packages for continuous support and access to HR services.  An ad-hoc service option for those ‘as and when’ requirements that often arise unexpectedly and require instant solutions. Or Project based, the option for just that – all things projects.   

If your needs change along the way, that is completely fine, we can adapt our support to reflect this.  Think of HR Staple as your HR Partner, there to support whenever you need.


This is ideal if you are looking for regular support each month on an ongoing basis. The amount of time will vary from business to business and could be a couple of days to just a few hours focusing on any issue or project you need support with.  

Ad-Hoc Support

This option gives reassurance that you can contact us whenever you need assistance and is offered more on a ‘pay as you’ go basis.  Work is charged on an hourly or day rate and gives you that on-hand support when required.  

Project Work

This is ideal if you have a specific task or project that you would like support with.  For example, projects may include a management training programme or the implementation of a new process or system.  We can plan in a budget in advance which means you know costs up front.