Managing people can sometimes bring difficult situations.  In the event you need support with a disciplinary, grievance or employment tribunal, we can step in to manage the entire process and provide an impartial voice that will protect your business.  With a vast amount of experience in this area, we provide you with the right level of support ensuring that your organisation can handle employee relation cases or disputes in a timely and thorough manner. 

Support includes: 

  • Reviewing your current disciplinary and grievance procedures making sure they comply with employment law and best practice. 
  • Managing the various stages that come with the formal processes, including carrying out investigations and conducting the hearings, along with any appeals.
  • Designing and delivering training to your line managers and providing them with coaching and guidance on all aspects of dispute resolution.
  • Offering a thorough mediation service, where this is the preferred option.  More information can be found here: mediation. 

We can help you at any stage of the process as well as offering full advice where you want manage informal situations proactively, nipping any underlying issues in the bud.